Entree Training & Development Professional and Personal DevelopmentWorkshops
Entree Training & Development Professional and Personal DevelopmentWorkshops

Workshops 2

Workshops 2

Attend an Entrée Training & Development workshop to upskill, reskill, or discover a fresh perspective.

In addition to offering tailored, bespoke training sessions for your organisation, Entrée Training & Development offers a number of public programs, held at our own office, designed to upskill persons, both employed and unemployed. These workshops and programs cover a variety of both technical and soft skills, including emotional resilience, leadership, communication, and more. View our list of upcoming workshops and training programs, starting from only $295, by clicking the link.

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Feedback on our past programs and workshops is as follows:

Office Proffesionals Enrichment Program

"I found the program content to be highly relevant and professionally delivered by knowledgeable specialists. This type of small group training for Office Professionals is not offered elsewhere in Adelaide. The timeframe for each session was perfect, being mindful that we are often not able to spend large amounts of time away from our offices and executives. I have taken away a number of useful strategies around communication, wellbeing/resilience and project management."

"The highlight of this program for me was having the opportunity to build relationships and network with other Executive Assistants. Whilst we may all be employed in different industries, we all have common experiences and challenges and it's been great to be able to share these with people who understand. I also enjoyed hearing about the background and experience of each of the presenters."

"I would recommend this program to a colleague. No matter how much experience we may have on the job, there is always room for improvement. Continual personal and professional development is so important, as is connection with peers, and the resilience and wellbeing sessions are crucial for any role. This program ticks all the boxes."

"Overall I have learnt so much more than I was expecting to, I fully expected that some of the sessions would be like 'preaching to the converted' but the content was fresh and topical and definitely relevant. Overall it has been a very rewarding experience and one that I really thank my management for giving me the opportunity to undertake."

Testimonial from participant Fiona Turner:

Building Emotional Resilience Workshop

"Kudos to Tiffany and team for organizing the session that was perfectly timed for all of us who are going through various experiences in our lives. The session was extremely informative and engaging. Anne Rodgers facilitated the session professionally, giving us an insight on how to keep our emotions in check on a daily basis. It was a pleasure being at the session and meeting with some amazing people. Entree's Training and Development Unit is a star in Adelaide! Thank you Tiffany!"

"I was privileged to attend the “Building Emotional Resilience” session. I am glad to say this was an empowering session. This session has taught me to relate to my emotions, let go of your past and start focusing on today. Be more aware of your surroundings and really listen to people. Not only did I come out with a sense of self worth but I also came out with some wonderful new friends."

"This session made focus on myself and made me realise that I can stop and relax. It made me appreciate everything and everyone around me. I loved this course."

"Thank you so much for including me in the session. I have absolutely enjoyed it and just feel so much more empowered.  I am practicing what I have learned and it is amazing to really listen to my surroundings"

"This session really resonated and I think has a huge value both professional and personally."