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​Nature Play Week: Celebrating a Decade of Connecting Children with Nature

​Nature Play Week: Celebrating a Decade of Connecting Children with Nature

Posted on 16/04/2023 by Caitlin Ielasi

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What is Nature Play Week?

Nature Play Week is an annual celebration encouraging children to get outside and explore the natural world. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the event, which will run from 17 - 30th of April 2023. Coordinated by the Kids in Nature Network, Nature Play Week is a week-long movement that aims to inspire children and families to connect with nature and enjoy the many benefits of spending time outdoors.

During Nature Play Week, events are held all over Australia to encourage children to engage with nature in various ways. From bushwalking and camping to gardening and birdwatching, children have endless opportunities to explore and learn about the natural world. The 2023 events calendar is already available on the Nature Play Week website, so families can start planning their outdoor adventures now.

Why is Outdoor Play Important?

One of the key goals of Nature Play Week is to help children develop a lifelong love of nature. Research has shown that spending time outdoors benefits children, including improved physical and mental health, increased creativity and problem-solving skills, and a greater sense of connection to the natural world. By encouraging them to spend more time outside, Nature Play Week is helping to create a generation of nature lovers who will be more likely to protect and care for the environment in the future.

Activities During Nature Play Week

If you’re interested in getting involved in Nature Play Week, there are many ways to participate. You can register to host an event, attend an event in your area, or spend more time outdoors with your family. By joining the Nature Play Week movement, you’ll be part of a growing community of people passionate about connecting children with nature. In addition, you can incorporate nature play into your daily activities at the childcare centre. This can include taking children outside to explore the natural world, incorporating nature-themed activities into lesson plans, and encouraging children to engage in unstructured outdoor play.

Nature Play Week is an important annual event that celebrates the natural world and encourages kids to get outside and explore. By participating in Nature Play Week, families can help their children develop a lifelong love of nature and enjoy the many benefits of spending time outdoors. So why not get involved and join the movement today?