Entree Training & Development Professional Development Specialists
Entree Training & Development Professional Development Specialists

Training & Development

Entrée Training & Development is a division of Entrée Recruitment established in 2019.

Entrée Training & Development aim to add value to individuals and organisations. We provide bespoke training and development opportunities from qualified and proven Facilitators for organisation based workshops, one-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions, and in-house public workshops and programs. Training can vary from being technical skills based, health and wellbeing based, soft skills based and more. We will provide training programs tailored to your requirements, aimed at either upskilling, reskilling, professional development or more.

Transforming People & Business

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  • Staff Training
    The team at Entrée Training & Development have a broad knowledge and understanding of training and coaching strategies and we are committed to partnering with our clients to provide a comprehensive and quality service. We pride ourselves on being able to provide customised training solutions for our clients and we will tailor training content specifically to your business requirements. Entrée Training & Development's suite of trainers are specialised in their field. Needing a specific skill set? We will source the most appropriate and proficient facilitator to undertake your training needs. Your team might require upskilling or reskilling. You may desire...
  • Mentoring
    Mentoring can help you get over stumbling blocks and be refreshed and prepared to conquer what is ahead. A Mentor can guide you when you feel knocked emotionally and physically. Or you may be at the opposite end of the spectrum and charging to go. In that case, a Mentor can keep the energy flow streaming forward in a productive manner. A Mentor can provide a confidential and external opinion and ignite insights, thoughts, and questions to have you pondering and acquiring new breakthroughs. A mentor assists you through the highs and lows of your career (and everything in between)....
  • Workshops
    Upcoming workshops: ​ Office Professionals Enrichment Program - Adelaide Commencing Thursday 20th February A 6 month program with sessions held once monthly that will place you in a position to continue to be an effective and efficient Office Professional. Find out more here The Leadership Lab - Adelaide Commencing Tuesday 17th March 2020 A 6 month program with sessions held once monthly that explores different ideas, broadens perspectives and provides leadership ‘interventions’ designed to make a difference. Find out more here ​Microsoft Office Suite - Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts - Adelaide Wednesday 18th March 2020 ​A 2 hour session that...

Are you a Trainer, Facilitator or Coach?

Are you a training Facilitator interested in working with Entrée Training & Development? We are always seeking highly passionate, experienced and dedicated Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches, Mentors and Experts in a wide array of fields to build upon our suite of expert Facilitators.

Our bespoke training provision enables both us and our Facilitators to tailor training workshops, programs and coaching sessions to the individual needs of our clients. Working with Entrée Training & Development means working with highly engaged clients and a dedicated team. Please express your interest to Head of Training & Development Tiffany Boin here.