Entree Training & Development Staff Training and Professional Development
Entree Training & Development Staff Training and Professional Development



All workshops and programs available as remote learning experiences.

The team at Entrée Training & Development have a broad knowledge and understanding of training and coaching strategies, and we are committed to partnering with our clients to provide a comprehensive and quality service. We pride ourselves on being able to provide training solutions for our clients, and we can tailor training content specifically to your business requirements.

Entrée Training & Development's suite of Facilitators are specialised in their field. Do you require a specific skill set? We can find the most qualified and experienced Facilitator for your training needs.

Your team might require upskilling or reskilling. You may desire to offer professional or personal development opportunities to your employees. Your training might be one-on-one or within a larger group setting. Entrée Training & Development also offers the ease of either in-house training or offsite training, which can also be undertaken remotely.

We are also able to source a training facility for you and can organise catering for the session.

​Available Workshops

Maria Eliadis Coaching

Ways to Wellbeing and Healthy Mind Masterclass

2-day Change your Mind Create New Results

4-hour Stress Resilience Masterclass

3.5-hour Mindfulness for Productivity

Find out how we can transform your people and your business