Entree Recruitment Permanent Recruitment
Entree Recruitment Permanent Recruitment



An Entrée Recruitment permanent recruitment process will be different to any you have experienced before.

And we're not just saying so. You will receive personalised, customised, face-to-face service from a dedicated Recruitment Consultant who will align their recruitment strategy with your business' goals. Your Entrée Recruitment Consultant will be a champion for your business by assisting to solve problems, identifying opportunities, providing advice, and most importantly, sourcing top talent for you to hire.

At a thorough, in-depth, face-to-face job briefing, your Recruitment Consultant will seek to uncover the most skilled candidate for your vacancy who ALSO possesses the right personality, values, and soft skills to fit your team. Our staff are trained to look beyond the resume to identify talent that may otherwise be overlooked.

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The Entrée Recruitment Advertising Process

A permanent Entrée Recruitment campaign is designed to showcase your organisation. In order to source the highest quality applicants for your position, we construct a bespoke advertising campaign utilising written job postings and video advertisement.

Statistics show that job seekers will spend three times longer viewing a video job advertisement than reading a written one. Video job advertisements can reach a wider audience through social media, including passive job seekers. The perfect candidate for your vacant position might not be regularly checking job boards. But they will be using social media.

Our video job advertisements are filmed, edited and created inhouse by our Marketing Specialist in consultation with you. The process is efficient and non-intrusive. Click here to learn more about the video process. You can view some examples of past video job advertisements below.


As a leading Recruitment Agency with Head Office based in Adelaide, we are experts in the South Australian market. Find out how we can help you uncover the most talented new hire for your organisation.

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