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Entree Recruitment candidate and job seeker resources



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Building a Resumeresume CV

Your resume is an important tool in the recruitment process. It is the first impression you make upon a Recruiter or Hiring Manager. A resume should be succinct, factual and list not only your jobs and education, but also your key achievements. You want to give enough information to display your suitability for the role so that you obtain an interview and gain employment.

For those starting from scratch, we have developed a Resume template for your use. This template provides a good guideline as to the format and relevant information for a resume. Keep your design simple and your text easy to read, but don’t forget to add some of your own personality!

Download Resume Template 

Acing an Interview job interview

Your interviewer (be it a Recruiter or Hiring Manager) has already decided you possess the relevant experience, education and skill set for the role based upon your resume. An interview will, in addition to drilling down on those key aspects, assess your personality and culture fit for their organisation and team. So take some notes from the experts. We have developed an outline of the most useful tips and tricks to help you during the interview preparation process, so you can perform well and represent your best self, giving you the best possible chance of landing your dream role!

Download Interview Guide 

Checks and Clearancespolice clearances and working with children checks

Increasingly, employers are seeking employees who possess specific checks and clearances. This is particlarly so within industries such as education and aged care, and in the fast moving world of temporary employment (and even in some permanent recruitment campaigns), employers will not have time to wait for a clearance application to return.

Applicants who already possess these checks are prioritised for positions. Thus, we have assembled a handy guide so you can learn about all the varying types of checks, the types of roles they are relevant for, and where to obtain them to assist in your job search process.

Download Checks and Clearances Guide 

You can also receive further job seeking, resume, cover letter, and interview tips and tricks in our blogs below.