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Happy World Productivity Day from Entrée Recruitment

Happy World Productivity Day from Entrée Recruitment

Posted on 20/06/2021 by Jessica Renaglia

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Productivity looks different to all people in a workplace--some are leaders and need to organise the work of others, some have the freedom to manage their own time.

At Entrée Recruitment, we are lucky enough to work closely together on most projects and tasks. However, we too have days when our focus slips and we need to rely on tips and tricks to stay afloat.

Being that today is World Productivity Day (Jun 20), we wanted to share with you our thoughts on how we stay productive.

Senior Recruitment Consultant Ruth Haren says:

Just do one thing at a time before moving onto the next task.

Simple, right? That's because it is. Between answering phone calls, emails and talking amongst the team--it's easy to be completely distracted from the task at hand. When it comes to projects that require a lot more thought and energy, just focusing on one task is important for success. Remove any distraction from the area or remove yourself from the distractions!

Recruitment Consultant Bec Bailey says:

I think the most important thing is actually to step away, especially when it’s really overwhelming. It only needs to be for 2 minutes but move away from the screen, do something that makes you smile like text someone you're close to, look at funny pictures or for me it’s a making a good cup of Yorkshire Tea! You come back in a different mind frame and things seem so much more manageable. 

You know those moments when you feel like you're reading the same line over and over again? Sometimes the mind needs a break from the task. Take that opportunity to go for a walk, hang out the clothes (if you work from home) or just to move yourself from your normal desk/workspace to another.

Recruiment Administrator Tully Matthews says:

I stay productive throughout the day using daily and weekly tasks lists to help me stay on track throughout the day and focus. I revise these checklists/tasks every day to prioritise other reactive work tasks that come about. As Bec mentioned, taking tea and coffee (and chocolate) breaks is ESSENTIAL.

Organising your daily tasks with checklists is a great way to boost productivity...only if you actually use them. Finding a system that works is the hardest part. You might really prefer handwritten notes in a diary, versus digital management tools like Asana or Planner. Finding what works for you is what's important.

Productivity and planning is a personal journey, but it's one that can be really fun--especially when you are moving through your tasks faster than you imagined. Hopefully these tips can help to guide you through the beginning of your week at work in honour of World Productivity Day.