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The “Temp” Landscape

The “Temp” Landscape

Posted on 25/06/2020 by Breeanna Noske

Entree Recruitment Temp Staff Blog

Many of you are regular and avid users of Entrée Recruitment’s temporary staffing services. When backfilling annual leave, sick leave or parental leave, or ramping up staffing during projects or busy periods, temporary employees can be the perfect option to quickly and very easily obtain an extra pair of hands.

It can be reassuring to know there is a pool of temporary employees ready and waiting to fill your need. But what you might not know or understand is the composition of our temporary team, and what our temporary employees’ circumstances are. And understanding this layout could help you to ascertain and understand particular staff members’ availability (particularly when you wish to re-engage a prior temp) or their career goals.

Let’s take you through some of the most common reasons why a candidate might choose to join our temporary team.

Career Temps

The first category of temporary employee, and likely the most commonly assumed or understood category, is that of the Career Temp. Career Temps enjoy the flexibility of short term assignments and could include avid travellers, grandparents, those nearing retirement, or those who don’t financially require employment but seek either frequent or infrequent opportunities to join the world of work. What you might not know is that the Career Temp makes up the smallest portion of our temp pool. Whilst we do have a number of fantastic temporary employees who choose only to accept and engage in temporary assignments, this is not the only type of temporary employee on our books.

Persons with a Working Holiday Visa

Unsurprisingly, Australia is a highly desired country of visitation for persons worldwide. Obviously outside of current COVID-19 travel restrictions, this brings a number of travellers to our beautiful shores. Colloquially known as “Backpackers”, candidates with a Working Holiday Visa seek short term employment to further fund their Australian travels. Experience working within the corporate sector back home perfectly position some of these temps to act as a stopgap for your business’ short-term needs. But when we say short term – we mean it! Candidates on a Working Holiday Visa cannot work with a host employer for longer than 6 months under the conditions of their visa, and beyond that restriction, they are likely planning to move onto their next wonderful Australian location before too long.

Persons Who Have Recently Relocated to Adelaide

For those who have recently relocated (or relocated BACK) to South Australia, temporary work can be a brilliant way to immediately begin earning money to fund their permanent job search, or to begin making local connections for the sake of said job search.

Persons Who Have Recently Received Redundancy

Similarly, and commonly witnessed amid our current global pandemic and its effect on the economy, candidates who find themselves suddenly without employment might turn to temporary work as a filler between permanent opportunities, to explore different industries, or to source longer term positions. In situations of financial need, a candidate might accept and work within a temporary position completely separate to their career aspirations in which they can add value to an organisation at a different level to their expertise.

The number of reasons a person might join a temporary employee pool is unlimited, but hopefully this brief insight might help you in understanding the basic composition of our temporary team. As you can imagine, with so many moving parts and overarching job searches, we are CONSTANTLY replenishing our pool, and even employ dedicated Consultants whose responsibility it is to ensure our temporary pool is well staffed! Whilst we always work to ensure we place repeat candidates with an organisation where possible, this possibility does not always exist. But trust us, only the best talent are welcomed into our casual pool after rigorous screening, and we highly recommend all members of our temporary team!

Need a temporary employee? Temporary staff can be engaged for a minimum of three hours to help across a number of business units. Call us on (08) 8100 8877 to find out more. Or click on the link below to get a quote. 

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