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How to improve my working relationship with my boss

How to improve my working relationship with my boss

Posted on 3/11/2022 by Caitlin Ielasi

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I don’t get on well with my boss. What can I do to improve our relationship?

The dynamics of the workplace might occasionally become challenging. Whatever the reason, consider this advice to improve communication and connection with your boss.

Identify the problem. 

Examine your manager's behaviour and your own impartially. Do you heed their instructions? Are you respectful and polite? Are you the only one having this issue, or are your co-workers experiencing something similar? If they get along well at work, you can strive to act similarly and ask for constructive guidance.

Understand your boss's leadership style.

Please view this blog written by HubSpot (August 16, 2022) on understanding different leadership styles.

Understanding your manager's motivations will help you understand why they behave the way they do rather than just being irritated by it. 

Have a respectful, open dialogue with your boss. 

Breakdowns at work can occur through miscommunication. Communication is essential to allow you and your boss to work in harmony. Are you in agreement regarding your job specifications, for example, goals, results, successes and hurdles? 

If you need more clarification, start a conversation by respecting their time and not demanding it. Having an open and respectful discussion could clear things up and lets you talk about your worries. Likewise, if you receive constructive feedback, don't take it personally. Instead, embrace their advice and consider what they said and how it may benefit your role development. 

Consider both perspectives.

Remember that your boss is human, and leadership positions can be challenging to balance each employee's priorities with the company's performance. Chances are they don't have a personal grudge against you.

I've done everything! 

Sometimes there are individuals in leadership positions who struggle to manage their employees. In an employee-driven economy, candidates prefer to work for a company that shares their values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours. Respect, authenticity and a genuine leader are all more than reasonable working demands. If you have read this blog, done extensive research and tried everything you can, put your needs first and consider alternative opportunities.