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The Video Job Advertisement Process

The Video Job Advertisement Process

Posted on 8/09/2019 by Breeanna Noske

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In a recent feedback survey, we enquired with our clients about the reaction and response to our video job advertisements. It has now been over a year since the implementation of Entrée’s video job advertisements, and we were keen to explore our clients’ thoughts regarding their effectiveness, quality and concept. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive! And a common question we received was “what does the process involve?” For those of you who have yet to benefit from an Entrée Recruitment campaign utilising video, let us take you through the process! 

One of the service offerings that we at Entrée Recruitment pride ourselves on is efficiency. We aim to find top talent FAST, snapping up the best candidates for your vacancies before somebody else does, and working to keep your office fully staffed and resourced during periods of transition and change. The use of video advertisements enables us to reach a broader audience more quickly across social media, but we didn’t want the creation of the videos to halt, hinder or delay the recruitment process. 

Entrée Recruitment employ a dedicated, full time Marketing Specialist whose responsibility it is (among many other things!) to film, edit, create and promote your video job advertisements. Upon receiving the brief for your vacant position, your Recruitment Consultant will advise our Marketing Specialist to visit your office for the shoot. Our clients and their roles are our priority, and our Marketing Specialist has been known to head to a client site with less than one hour’s notice! 

Our Marketing Specialist brings all the required equipment: namely, a camera. You are not required to provide or prepare anything but an office and a team! 

Our video job advertisements can vary in style dependant upon the client. In instances where minimal interruption to the office is preferred, our Marketing Specialist will take footage of both the inside and outside of your office space, and staff working at their desks if they are comfortable. Nobody is filmed without their knowledge or consent. 

In instances where an organisation is keen to showcase their team, culture and working environment, staff members can volunteer to play the role of Actor/Actress. One client site we filmed at had 10 staff members ready and waiting to be directed for their 5 minutes of fame! Where staff members volunteer to participate in the filming, our Marketing Specialist might direct them to sit around and have a chat, walk through the office space, or work together at a computer, all the while making the experience comfortable and enjoyable. 

The filming process takes no longer than 30 minutes. Our Marketing Specialist is keen to showcase the elements of your organisation that you believe are the greatest selling point and will collaborate with you to capture those features. 

Upon completing filming, it is back to the Entrée Recruitment office for our Marketing Specialist, where your Recruitment Consultant will film a voiceover describing the role, and then the editing process takes place. This usually takes about an hour all up, although in some instances can take longer depending on the Consultant’s level of articulateness and tendency to create bloopers on the day! 

From start to finish, the creation of a video job advertisement might be a couple of hours’ worth of work. In the past we have received job briefs on a Friday morning and had a video advertisement posted live by the weekend! So rest assured that the process will not delay the capacity of our Recruitment Consultants to source your next star team member. Rather, the concept overall assists in this endeavour, with video job advertisements reaching as many as 8,300 viewers, and in some instances reaching more than 4 times the number of viewers as only a written advertisement. Your perfect employee may not be actively searching Seek for a new opportunity. They may not even be looking for work at all! But seeing your company’s video advertisement on social media? Well it may just change their mind. 

Interested in video job advertising? Want to chat more about your staffing needs? Call us on (08) 8100 8877!