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The Office Professionals Enrichment Program is back!

The Office Professionals Enrichment Program is back!

Posted on 9/09/2019 by Breeanna Noske

Office Professionals Enrichment Program Professional Development

The Office Professionals Enrichment Program is back for another cycle. Due to popular demand, we are commencing a third series of this program commencing in October.

We have seen a change in the roles of Office Professionals and Executive Assistants. They now operate as strategic business support to their organisations, creating strong business partnerships. These roles are now required to not only support their Executives/Managers/Leaders but also have the skills and confidence to act as a representative for them. They have become key influencers at a senior level requiring leadership, management, communication skills and emotional intelligence to manage a variety of daily challenges to fulfil the demands of their role.

With this at the forefront, we have designed a powerful development program for Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Office Professionals to attend and enhance their skills and equally as importantly, mix and build relationships with other peers.

We bring to you a selection of current and engaging workshops to assist you to keep up with the future demands of your ever-changing role, placing you in a position to continue to be an effective and efficient professional.

Each topic will be delivered by a highly skilled trainer offering an interactive and fun learning experience, amongst a small group of 8 participants per program.  You will have the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences with peers whilst learning up-to-date techniques and methods.


  1. Interpersonal Communications and Behaviours – 29th October 2019
  2. Building Emotional Resilience – 12th November 2019
  3. Effective Writing and Verbal Feedback Framework – 3rd December 2019
  4. Leadership: Stepping Up and Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone Using NLP Methodology – 11th February 2020
  5. Project Management – 10th March 2020
  6. Time Management and Dealing with Distractions – 7th April 2020

Feedback on past sessions:

  • "This was a great session with lots of ideas and techniques I hope to use going forward."
  • "This session really resonated and I think has a huge value both professionally and personally."
  • "I really liked the honest approach to the course and learning ways to deal with challenging behaviour and different personalities in the workplace."
  • "I found value in the group discussions and hearing different perspectives from other roles and industries."
  • "The Facilitator was excellent and made the content come to life. I took so much out of the presentation and feel sure I'll be able to use the learnings in my days in the office."

Session time: 3 hours
Held once monthly for 6 months (commencing October 2019)
Location: Level 5, 81 Flinders Street, Adelaide
Investment:  $1,450.00 + GST (6 month program)
(Equivalent to less than $250 per month – a value packed “Enrichment Program”)

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