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How to Ace a Video Interview

How to Ace a Video Interview

Posted on 24/08/2020 by Ruth Haren

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A lot has changed within the recruitment space in the last few months due to COVID-19. One of these changes has been the increase in utilising video technology to interview candidates. Video interviewing has been around for a while, but most employers have only used it when someone couldn’t physically be in the office because they lived interstate or overseas.

Generally, video interviewing has been regarded as a hard way to interview as it is more difficult to build rapport and connection. However, this became a necessary public health measure and now the way of the future. So, how can you make sure you get the best out of your video interview.


The first step is preparing for the interview like you would any other. Research the company, know the role you are applying for and know who is interviewing you. Set up early and have your computer ready and test your internet connection. It is not a good start to be late or have technology issues at the beginning of your video interview!


Choose an appropriate background for your video call. This is really important! Most people will conduct an interview in their study, which is fine, but it is important to have a plain backdrop with no distracting little trinkets in a bookcase behind you. You need the focus to be on you and only you, not the photo of your boyfriend or you on a family holiday.


Choose a quiet location. Ensure you are not going to have any little visitors coming in to interrupt you such as pets or children. They may be cute but keep those videos for sharing when you have the job!


Ensure the lighting is not too bright and not too dark. This might mean the blinds are half open or you need to put lights on. Test it out beforehand to ensure the lighting is adequate and you and the interviewer can be seen clearly.


Ensure you are looking at the camera and that it is angled correctly. It needs to be framing your face, front on. And, please don’t forget to turn your camara off afterwards, you don’t want to end up going viral like “The women who forgets to turn camera off as she goes to the Toilet”! Cringe.

Dress to impress

Get dressed as you would for a face to face interview. The top half at least- the interviewer won’t know if you have your Ugg boots on under the table.

Body language

In an interview, communication is made up of 55% body language, 38% tone of voice and 7% of actual words. Even though you are not physically face to face, body language is still so important. The perception is that you can treat a video interview more casually than a face to face interview, however this isn’t the case. Make sure you are sitting up straight and leaning forward. This demonstrates active listening and showing interest. Ensure you are using a lot of eye contact as our eyes show emotion, build a connection and can indicate trust. You can make a lot of mistakes just with your eyes by looking away, up, down or sideways. It can be more challenging with a video interview, but you need to make sure you don’t break that connection.

During the interview

When you are answering questions, give yourself 4-5 seconds to answer as this will ensure the voice transmission is at an even pace or you run the risk of talking over each other.

A video interview may seem more daunting than face to face although it does not have to be. Preparation is key. Test the setup before your interview and practice with a friend or family member. Following these few easy tips will help you standout amongst other candidates and really wow your future employer!