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Six signs it's time to hire

Six signs it's time to hire

Posted on 3/06/2021 by Entree Recruitment

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Knowing when to add to your team can be difficult. Here we list six signs it’s time for growth.


6. You’re burnt out

And if you’re burnt out chances are your team is too. If exhaustion, frequent mistakes, illness and irritability are rife within your team, you know that everyone has too much on their plate.

5. Customer service is slipping

You pride yourself on your high level of customer service, but recently feedback from customers and clients tells you something different. When your team is under the pump, their level of service and attention to customers might start to slip.

4. Your profits are stagnant

Has your business climbed as high as it can? Have your profit margins of late stayed the same? In reality, there is only so much you can do with the team you have. When everyone is at capacity, it might be time for a new addition to take on the extra work which will help your business to grow.

3. Your overtime figures have sky-rocketed

If overtime has risen across the board, it’s a key indicator there’s too much work for your team to handle.

2. New business is suffering

Is the arrival of a customer/client enough to put your team into a tail spin? Is the first impression of your business one of stressed employees who don’t have time to take care of new business? If your team is overwhelmed, then taking the time to look after a client no longer feels like a priority.

1. You’re turning down business

The fact is, you simply don’t have the manpower to take on a sizeable project, which could hinder your chances for growth.

How much of the above sounds familiar? If you related to the majority of these signs, looking for a new employee should be next on your to-do list.

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