Meet the Facilitator: Maria Eliadis

Meet the Facilitator: Maria Eliadis

Posted on 18/11/2019 by Breeanna Noske


Maria Eliadis is a highly experienced management consultant, facilitator and evaluation practitioner with over 30 years’ experience across the corporate, public, not for profit and academic sectors.  Maria’s extensive experience includes managing frontline customer service teams in the ITC sector, education and professional training businesses and membership organisations. As a senior manager Maria specialised in tackling the ‘hard’ projects, introducing the exciting initiatives and championing new ideas. Her work is also grounded in the practices and principle of adaptive leadership, the latest contributions of neuro-science and understanding the brain, adult development theory and adult learning practices as well as change theory and innovation practice. Maria’s expertise is with interventions to build peoples capacity and confidence to embrace leadership initiatives; working with people to ‘shift’ blocks to change and facilitate learning and personal growth. Maria often says the reason she gets up in the morning is to facilitate people to go beyond their self-imposed constraints and ‘lean into’ their capacity for change and to make a difference.

Maria, in addition to running workplace workshops, facilitates the Entrée Training & Development Leadership Lab program, a 6 month program designed to explore different ideas, broaden perspectives and provide leadership ‘interventions’ designed to make a difference.

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Watch below to find out about Maria's training style, the value of Adaptive Leadership training in the workplace, and a takeaway top tip!

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