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Understanding Employee Behaviour: What are the top employment benefits?

Understanding Employee Behaviour: What are the top employment benefits?

Posted on 23/05/2023 by Caitlin Ielasi

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In today's competitive job market, understanding candidate behaviour and what they seek in a potential employer can be the critical point of difference in attracting or retaining talent. 

Candidates value benefits that align with their personal and professional aspirations. This blog will explore the top benefits candidates seek and provide valuable insights for employers and clients aiming to meet these expectations.

Flexible Work Arrangements

The demand for flexible work arrangements has surged. Candidates value the ability to achieve a healthy work-life balance, whether it's through remote work options, flexible schedules, or hybrid models. Remember, this can include policies that promote reasonable working hours, encourage time off, and support employee well-being.

Professional Growth and Development

Candidates seek opportunities for continuous learning and professional growth. They value employers who invest in their development through training programs, mentorship initiatives, and clear career progression paths. 

Competitive Compensation Packages

As an employer, consider offering competitive compensation packages that are transparent and align with an employee's skills, experience, and market rate. If you need more clarification, visit Seek's 'Compare your salary'.

Benefits Package

Candidates are looking for a benefits package that considers employee well-being, such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, parental leave, and other perks like wellness programs, flexible spending accounts, or employee assistance programs.

Inclusive and Diverse Workplace Culture

A diverse and inclusive workplace is a significant consideration for candidates. They seek employers who foster an environment that values and celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion. Candidates appreciate workplaces where they can bring their whole selves to work, where equal opportunities exist, and where their unique perspectives are valued and respected.

Employer Considerations 

By offering flexible work arrangements, prioritising professional growth, providing competitive compensation packages, offering comprehensive benefits, promoting work-life balance initiatives, and nurturing an inclusive and diverse workplace culture, employers can position themselves as desirable destinations for candidates. Ultimately, by aligning their offerings with candidates' expectations, businesses can build a strong employer brand and secure a talented workforce.