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RECAP: Art Therapy Workshop with Bel Ryan

RECAP: Art Therapy Workshop with Bel Ryan

Posted on 24/09/2021 by Jessica Renaglia

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On Wednesday 22nd of October as part of our Breakfast Development Workshops, we invited leading Art Therapist Bel Ryan of Ignite Wellbeing Co for a special session with our clients.

The basis of Bel's work is to bring awareness and provide space to explore what is happening for you. The best part about this is that it applies to all spheres of life--professional and personal! The way she achieves this in her sessions is through hands-on experiences and creative explorations.

We were excited to bring this workshop to our clients for many reasons! Not only is it valuable for an individual to experience a creative and welcoming space to understand their own lives better, but also to give them the opportunity to see the value of a workshop like this for their own teams.

What's on Jess' plate: responsibilities, work, expectations in red. All the great moments in life are the green bits. All the good relationships and people in my life, a flowy circle of blue in the centre.

What's on your plate

I myself participated in this workshop and experienced first-hand how helpful it was in understanding what's on your plate.

The group was not afraid to get creative--there was colours and shapes all cut out of bright paper, arranged on the plate in such a way that represented what is happening in our lives at the moment.

Bel was exceptional at providing a safe and comfortable space for several of us to open up about our experiences, some health related, others based on our workloads and truly learning when to say no.

She also knew to make sure if the workshop brought any difficult feelings up, that she was happy to discuss with us about them further in private.

Regardless if you're looking at what's on your plate from a personal or professional lens, each attendee was excellent at identifying how to improve their situations (once they realised what was missing).
Can you guess what it was?


In a busy world of responsibilities, decisions, expectations, children, jobs, education, health and so much more, it's important to know when to put yourself first.

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