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Happy Halloween from Early Years

Happy Halloween from Early Years

Posted on 31/10/2022 by Caitlin Ielasi

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​Happy Halloween from Early Years

The word "Halloween" comes from All Hallows' Eve and means "hallowed evening." It is celebrated in many countries annually on the 31 October.

Activity of the Week - Skeleton Play Dough

  • Black play dough

  • Cotton swabs ( use whole swabs and also cut the ends off of some to give a variety of options for different “bones.”)

  • Assorted cookie cutters

  • Rollers (optional)


Allow children to explore, play and use their imagination!

Key Outcomes

  • Fine Motor

  • Creativity

  • Patterns and Symmetry

  • Counting

  • Oral Language and Story Telling

Activity of the Week - Silly Apple Bites

  • 2 green apples, each quartered

  • sunflower butter

  • 32 sunflower seeds

  • 23 strawberries, sliced

  • 12 homemade googly eyes per apple bite


  1. Cut the middles out of each quarter of the apple to create a mouth. Don’t worry about perfection, you are filling this gap with sunbutter anyway so if you cut too deep, you can always just cover it up and no one will know.

  2. Coat the inside of the cut gap with a filling of sunflower butter.

  3. Place 4 sunflower seeds on the top of the “mouth” for the teeth.

  4. Place 1 sliced strawberry inside the mouth for the tongue.

  5. “Glue” each eye above the mouth with a dab of sunbutter to stick.

  6. Serve with a smile.


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