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Recap: Dr Rebecca Perry talks about 'Going With Your Gut'

Recap: Dr Rebecca Perry talks about 'Going With Your Gut'

Posted on 24/06/2021 by Entree Training and Development


In this month's session of our ongoing Breakfast Development Series, we invited Dr Rebecca Perry to speak about the connection between gut and brain health. Held on Thursday June 24th, the breakfast was delivered through our Training and Development Division which offers skills training and professional development to individuals and organisations through specialised workshops and seminars.

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The importance of a healthy gut isn't something we commonly talk about in our everyday lives, (it's not exactly the type of thing you bring up in conversation while making your morning coffee). But as Dr Perry explains, promoting a healthy gut can actually help improve an organisation's workplace environment, so it's important to have the conversation. And in fact, the gut is often referred as our second brain.

Dr Perry says,

"A healthy gut improves brain health, productivity and energy levels, which is why this information is so important for the workplace."

*Photo Source: Food and Mood Centre

When it comes to improving gut health, making the right food choices is always the first step. So how do you know what food is best?

Dr Perry breaks down the food options into two components responsible for gut health—prebiotics and probiotics. Below is a great list of foods that can be included in your everyday diet to improve your gut health.

Prebiotics Probiotics


Legumes (especially lentils)

Barley and Oats

Cooked and cooled potatoes

Bananas (especially green)

Cashew nuts

Natural Yoghurt



Soft cheeses


Apple-cider vinegar

If you want to learn even more about prebiotics vs. probiotics, you can read more here or check out the resources list Dr Perry provided for the attendees below:

  • Brain Changer by Professor Felice Jacka
  • Brain Food by Dr Joanna McMillan
  • Gutfull by Dr Joanna McMillan
  • Gut Revolution on ABC Catalyst
  • Thinking Nutrition by Dr Tim Crowe
  • The Happy Kitchen by Rachel Kelly

We would like to thank everyone who attended the breakfast session, as well as our superstar facilitator Dr Rebecca Perry for her expertise.

If you are interested in organising a Training and Development day for your workplace around the importance of gut health, please contact us: