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Why you should consider temporary work for your next career opportunity

Why you should consider temporary work for your next career opportunity

Posted on 28/06/2021 by Jemimah Hoad


If you have recently relocated to Adelaide, are in between jobs, unsure about your next career move or are getting ready to re-enter the workforce, you may be interested in the opportunities and benefits that temporary employment can provide. 

Temporary needs arise when current staff are ill, taking annual leave, or there may be new projects or backlog of work to complete. These needs come in the form of short term, long term, and sometimes even permanent opportunities. 

At Entrée Recruitment, we specialise in roles such as reception, administration, executive support, accounts, projects, human resources and recruitment.

Build your network

Temporary work gives you the opportunity to build your professional network, with exposure to new managers and teams. If you can impress your manager or team on a temporary assignment, there may be ongoing needs or permanent opportunities in the future, or perhaps even a different role within the organisation. 

Use temporary assignments to your advantage by building those relationships through commitment, reliability, work ethic and flexibility. The employer getting to see your work first hand can be far more powerful than an interview, especially if you’re like me and thoroughly don’t enjoy them!

Learn new skills

When you go to different organisations and learn different processes, procedures and systems, you have the opportunity to develop your skills in which you can take to your next role. As you go through your different assignments, you should continue to update your CV with the different skills and responsibilities you gain along the way, which may even help you land your next permanent role. 

Temporary assignments give you the opportunity to be exposed to different management styles and to see how different organisations perform tasks, which may give you insights on what you can bring to your next role too. By learning new skills and gaining knowledge, our candidates can build their confidence and understand their value when applying for a new role.

Try out new industries

If you are in between jobs and unsure what your next step is, you may benefit from temping and trying out different industries. Often when applying for permanent roles there isn’t an opportunity to see and understand the industry beforehand. With temporary work, you may find a new passion or interest in an industry, and with experience you can strengthen your application for that role. 

Exposure to different industries can provide insights and passion areas that you had not previously considered, and these assignments could become permanent opportunities. Different management styles and industries can clarify what you are looking for in your next permanent role, which may assist you in looking for work and what jobs you are apply for.

Temp for the flexibility

Temping is an opportunity to gain flexible employment that works for you and your lifestyle. You may be looking for part time or full time work, or looking to work close to home or in a specific location. Our temporary assignments can be as short as one day and as long as ongoing, with potential for permanency down the track. 

Assignments vary in duties, industries, skill levels required, which provides our candidates with variety and opportunities in their days. Temping should be beneficial to both the candidate and the employer, and temporary assignments can fit into a variety of our candidate’s needs.

We look for commitment, reliability, and a high work ethic, and value candidates that do what they say they will do. In exchange for our continued, ongoing support, our expectations are that candidates are transparent throughout recruitment processes and honour the commitments they make at the beginning of the temporary assignment. 

Temping in a nutshell can provide great job and networking opportunities, improve confidence, exposure to different industries and skills, and flexibility. 

If you are thinking about temporary work and whether it fits into your lifestyle, give Entrée Recruitment a call on (08) 8100 8877 to discuss whether it is a viable option for you.