Entree Recruitment Blog 5 signs you're ready for a change in 2020
Entree Recruitment Blog: 5 Signs You're Ready for a Change in 2020

Five signs you’re ready for a change in 2021

Five signs you’re ready for a change in 2021

Posted on 23/11/2020 by Samara Dela Roza

Entree Recruitment Blog 5 signs you're ready for a change in 2020

Thinking about seeking a new working opportunity? Wondering if it's worth taking the risk of a leap into a new company/role/industry? Senior Consultant Samara takes you through 5 Signs You're Ready for a Change in 2021 below.

1. You dread the day

The number one comment I hear from candidates who are done and one hundred percent already checked out is “I just don’t want to get out of bed”. How did you get to this point? You ignored the previous signs. That’s OK, because now we’re living in the moment. Get up and feel the excitement that comes with having made a decision to change direction.

2. You feel as though you’re no longer growing

Job satisfaction comes in part for most people from being challenged. Not all day every day, but enough to grow. Some people seek continually evolving responsibilities, although I find that most people simply need to the opportunity to improve processes in the work they already know and love, or grow that role whilst maintaining the original duties. Challenges can come from an evolving business, opportunities to assist in new areas of the business, or training and development opportunities. Static roles without these benefits have expiry dates.

3. You feel unconnected

Strong teams support each other to achieve, to grow and to have a sense of worth and belonging in the workplace. 

Every situation is different and maybe it’s the culture or maybe it’s your ability to integrate with it. But if you feel alone in a group there is something not right.

4. You’ve lost your purpose

Evolving roles do not always land you where you want to be. Maybe you thought it was going to be different, maybe it once was. If the nature of your role, what you do and why you do it no longer resonates with you, something must change.

5. You give more than you get

We work for lots of reasons: passion, interest, personal satisfaction, personal development, sometimes even altruistic reasons. But in there somewhere is what you get back. Money is the basis of this and goes a long way to express the value you offer an employer, but there’s more. Perhaps you receive financial benefits like discounted memberships, products or service, a vehicle or free city parking. Maybe it’s non-financial benefits such as flexibility or opportunities for external, professional development and training. “Thank you” are two very powerful words in the workplace. Seeking reward and recognition for your contribution is reasonable. Feeling undervalued is right up there in the reasons I hear for leaving a workplace.

Each of these signs standing alone are not in themselves a reason to jump ship. Can you talk to someone with influence (a manager or an HR professional) about your workplace experience? Maybe there’s a way to better your situation. My hot tip here is to take some ideas for solving your issue with you, don’t lay blame and have an open mind. If all fails and you decide it’s time for a change: Congratulations, that’s a big decision. Now that a new world is opening up to you, please, please remember to treat the old world with respect on your way out. Your last impression is as important as your first!

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