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How do I enquire about a salary without coming across as greedy?

How do I enquire about a salary without coming across as greedy?

Posted on 2/05/2022 by Caitlin Ielasi

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There’s no salary guide for the role I’m interviewing for. How do I ask about pay without sounding greedy?

As a general rule, wait until the hiring manager brings up the subject. You may need to bring it up first in some cases, such as if you plan to travel or have multiple interviews. No one wants to waste their time or the company's time.

Before you ask about pay, figure out what your ideal salary range is. Check out the current market and similar jobs in your area to see how much they pay.

Here's a link to a useful resource:

If your prospective employer has not discussed your salary expectations, here are a few tips to consider before starting a conversation. Avoid giving a specific number, instead provide a salary range (remember to consider benefits and other types of compensation offered). Also don't try to negotiate an exact amount until you have a formal job offer.

Examples of what to say​:

  1. "I'm looking for a salary that is comparable with the market." A salary of $60,000 would, in my opinion, fall within this range, based on my knowledge and experience. I am, however, willing to talk about a range that is more in line with the company's goals."

  2. "Let me begin by expressing my gratitude for the opportunity to discuss this role in greater depth. I am confident that my qualifications and experience qualify me for the position, and I believe that a salary range of $70,000 to $90,000 per year is reasonable. Is the company willing to take this into consideration?"

  3. "While I am flexible, I do have a salary range in mind that I believe is reasonable." I'm looking for a yearly salary between $80,000 and $95,000. The reason for this is that I believe it is a fair representation of my abilities, experience, and potential contribution to the company. And my extensive experience in this field will enable me to succeed in this position."

  4. "I'm hoping for a yearly salary of $60,000-70,000." This figure is based on a number of factors, including my knowledge and skills, as well as market rates for similar positions. I'm also willing to negotiate a fair compensation package in line with the company's capabilities."