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Leading People: the hard facts about soft skills

Leading People: the hard facts about soft skills


Maria Eliadis Coaching


​Our most valuable asset and biggest challenge is often people. Our teams, colleagues, stakeholders as well as ourselves.

If your goal in your leadership practice is to inspire and empower people, to motivate teams, to build people’s capacity and confidence this workshop is for you.

Do you find yourself tap dancing around ‘people’ issues, overthinking how to engage with your team and ruminating about what ‘other people’ are doing/not doing or what they should be doing/not doing do differently? There is good news, you are not alone and there are answers to help you.

​This workshop incorporates learning from the Neuroleadership Institute’s work on effective workplace people development practices, the latest evidence from vertical development practitioners and Brain-based Coaching principles.

​This workshop focuses on developing a people ‘lens’ and building capacity for self-awareness and emotional intelligence, the ability to reflect, connect, engage, inspire and motivate are critical leadership attributes.

​Strengthen your ability to connect with people and increase your awareness of how you impact and influence others.


  • Learn to put people in the centre of your work.

  • Increase awareness of your influence and impact.

  • Understand how to support flexibility and adaptability.

  • Learn how to gain insight into team members behaviours and team dynamics.

  • Create innovation and practice processes for successful team outcomes.

  • Foster teams open to change and innovation.


  • The workshop is designed to be interactive and experiential, maximising peer to peer learning and creative co-designing.

  • Participants engage with multi modal resources which can include pre-reading, podcasts and webinars, online tests, and tools and more.

  • This workshop is part two of a three workshop series that also includes The Yin and Yang of Management and Leadership: same, same but different and, Leading adaptively: practical tools to make a positive difference.

Price and Delivery

Individual: Four-hour workshops - $700 per person.

Bundle: $1900 per person for all three:

Groups: Please enquire about pricing on larger groups.