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Introduction to Adaptive Leadership: practical tools to make a positive difference


Maria Eliadis Coaching


Leadership practice is often portrayed as an art. The best known and accomplished artists have their own styles, their favourite tools and go to techniques and they practice their craft intentionally and consciously.

This workshop is based on Harvard University’s Adaptive Leadership program and offers leadership practitioners a suite of tools and techniques to inform your leadership artistry.

Leadership is hard work, it’s like building muscle memory and the more you explore, engage and practice your leadership muscle the better and more confident you become.

This workshop explores what you need to lead through change, complexity and confusion, how to engaging teams with dynamic, developmental and collaborative processes that support learning and innovation.

Participants will explore core Adaptive Leadership concepts like understanding complexity, being able to diagnose challenges as technical or adaptive, dealing with ‘stuckness’, generating heat, creating a holding environment, and peer consultations as fundamental techniques to inform your leadership and facilitate team development, learning and innovation. As well as understanding the system you are leading in and its impact on your leadership work.


  • Learn about how to position and plan your leadership work.

  • Apply what you learn to a relevant, real-time challenge.

  • How to influence and drive team development, collaboration and innovation.

  • Strengthen your resilience to lead through discomfort and disquiet and come out the other end.

  • Learn to craft purposeful discussions that contributes to meaningful team engagement.


  • The workshop is designed to be interactive and experiential, maximising peer to peer learning and creative co-designing.

  • Participants engage with multi modal resources which can include pre-reading, podcasts and webinars, online tests, and tools and more.

  • This workshop is part two of a three workshop series that also includes The Yin and Yang of Management and Leadership: same, same but different and, Leading People: the hard facts about soft skills.

Price and Delivery

Individual: Four-hour workshops - $700 per person.

Bundle: $1900 per person for all three:

Groups: Please enquire about pricing on larger groups.Click to Edit