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Sue Bromley

Sue Bromley

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Starting in administration roles and then at the age of 27, starting a business from scratch in manufacturing and retailing of leather clothing, which operated successfully for 10 years. This involved developing systems and procedures for the efficient running of manufacturing and organising several retail outlets.

The closure of this business took Sue back to TAFE to study a Certificate 3 in Travel and Tourism. She then worked for the South Australian Tourism Commission for 18 years as a Travel Consultant.

Studying then with NeuroChangeSolutions in their corporate personal change program called Change Your Mind Create New Results, a groundbreaking two day program based on the research and methodologies of Dr. Joe Dispenza and then becoming a certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant.

This involved one on one or group mentoring support following the delivery of the program mainly via Zoom.

Her passion for supporting individuals and organisations to develop the skills and tools to enable profound transformations led her to start her own business called Work Culture Club. Guiding individuals in creating sustainable wellbeing in the workplace by bringing her lifelong knowledge of health, nutrition, lifestyle, mindfulness and stress management tools into workshops.

Qualifications also include Mindfulness certification, Mental Health First Aid and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner certification to bring these cutting edge stress management techniques into the workplace.

Collaborating with Ella Lopresti, who has an extensive background in social work, vocational education and mental health, bringing combined expertise to deliver stress management workshops, mental health awareness and prevention, team communication and group coaching in the workplaces.

Working with many different industries such as recruitment and training organisations, locum rural doctors, care organisations and other communities. The aim is to change businesses and organisations from the inside out, one individual at a time by promoting holistic wellbeing in the workplace and beyond.

On a personal note Sue enjoys traveling, reading about all things to do with personal growth, physically, mentally and spiritually. Networking and developing relationships and generally helping out wherever possible as community is first and foremost. Socialising, eating out, going to events, festivals, farmers markets are all part of a work life balance.

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