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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching


Maria Eliadis Coaching


Brain-Based Coaching is based on research, experience, and practical tools to help coach effective leaders.

B-BC is informed by the latest neuroscience behind how to conduct insight-driven conversations, setting goals that stick, and building habits that underpin sustainable, confident leadership practices.

This program of four coaching sessions is a good way to start your coaching journey, focus on a current goal and/or get support during times of transition and opportunity.

When embracing leadership your greatest asset is you, get the support and guidance you deserve.


While your program will be tailored to suit you, a Brain-Based Coaching program is:

  • Self-directed learning which ensures that the answers that are developed are yours,

  • Solutions-focused to guide us forward towards your desired outcome,

  • Uses positive feedback to encourage you and celebrate your achievements,

  • Stretches you which means that, your coach will challenge you where it serves to enhance your learning and development,

  • Provides structure to offer you the best possible chance to stay on track and progress towards your desired outcomes.


  • Four sessions of 1.5 hours individual coaching.

  • Access to the NLI SCARF Assessment.

  • Use of Brain-based Coaching resources.

  • Regular reflections and check-ins.

  • Holistic approach that engages with all aspects of the coachees environment

  • Coachee workbook.


Individual coaching program: 4 x 1.5-hour sessions.