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3.5-hour Workshop Mindfulness for Productivity


Mindfulness is a powerful tool that can help us upgrade our inner technologythe mindto keep up with the demands of our increasingly complex world. Performance and productivity in the workplace are increased when staff are focused, able to listen and communicate effectively, are calmer and less reactive, thus becoming more efficient and generally getting along with their co-workers. A happier disposition creates a happier workplace environment.

Mindfulness for Productivity program guides participants through all the ways to be mindful and create more flow in their personal and professional lives. They are exposed to different ways to be more mindful so they can choose what works for them and what fits into their daily lives.


Sue Bromley

Content & Outcomes

  • What is mindfulness and its evidence-based benefits for your life

  • Simple and powerful ways to incorporate it into your daily life

  • On the go techniques that take very little time

  • Several different techniques so participants can find what will work for them

  • How to slow down to speed up

  • All the different types of meditation and experience a mini guided meditation in the workshop

Integrative Resources

  • Handouts summarising key techniques

  • Worksheet to intergrate practices into your life

  • Resources handout for ongoing support

  • Individual or group coaching follow-up sessions are also available

Delivery Options

Cost includes 10 participants

  • $1,500 plus GST

Can be presented as a 3.5 hour workshop or lunch and learn

​Number of participants

Maximum 10 participants - please enquire for costs for extra attendees

Online Workshops

Available to participants across Australia - please enquire for more details