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2-day Change your Mind Create New Results


Increase your personal and professional performance with this groundbreaking program based on neuroscience and developed by Dr. Joe Dispenza, a world-renown Speaker, Lecturer, and New York Times Best-Selling Author. He has developed a unique program, Change Your Mind... Create New Results, for organisations interested in using neuroscientific principles to enhance employee productivity, creativity, and innovation. The result? Increased performance and business results.

The Change Your Mind... Create New Results program guides participants through a personalised process using Dr. Joe's models and tools to change their thinking and create the results they desire.

Armed with these tools, organisations are increasing their effectiveness at every corporate level with clear measurable outcomes.


Sue Bromley

Content & Outcomes

  • Identify a change they want to make in their lives

  • Learn new models for change based on neuroscience

  • Discover what it means to live in survival or creation

  • How to change your brainwaves for optimal performance

  • How to implement a simple formula to begin making changes in your life

  • How to change habits, learn what they are and create new ones

  • How to design your successful future self

  • How to create your personal 30 days to Genius plan

Integrative Resources

  • Change Your Mind... Create New Results 30 days to Genius journal

  • Audio downloadable file to revise the course in full

  • Audio downloadable file of two meditations to accompany the journal

  • Group coaching follow up once a week for 4 weeks via Zoom

Delivery Options

Cost includes 8 participants

  • Option 1 – Full day x 2 - $6,000 plus GST

​Number of participants

Maximum 8 participants - please enquire for costs for extra attendees

Online Workshops

Available to participants across Australia - Please enquire for more details