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Recent Candidate Feedback

Recent Candidate Feedback

Posted on 9/07/2019 by Entree Recruitment

Job interview

We have been inundated with positive feedback from interviewed and registered candidates of late.

See some examples below!


"I have been consistently impressed with Entree Recruitment since the first day I walked into their offices.  I found Julie Rawley to be very friendly and professional.  She has always been helpful and reachable.

I am sure that her efficiency will help other candidates to find a good job. 

My appreciation goes to Julie for providing me with my full time opportunity in Adelaide.  I am happy at my new place of work using the skills and expertise I have gained in my professional career.  Thank you so much Julie for giving me this opportunity.

The team at Entree have also been extremely supportive.  Thanks to Sienna, Tiffany and Ruth.  Keep up the good work."


"Recruitment interviews can be awkward however I felt very comfortable. I was impressed with how I felt welcome and valued not like I was 'just' a candidate."


"I like how you keep in touch with job seekers - making sure we're still looking, and offering possible options. I feel like Entrée is really actively looking for work for me, where other agencies I have to contact them all the time. I hear from Entrée at least twice as much as any other agency."


"Julie gave me useful feedback on my resume, suggesting further info I should include. I preferred Entrée's approach as it was a 1-to-1 interview instead of a group interview at the other agency."


"The overall experience of registering was professional and seamless. Staff were friendly and are very proactive in finding the right role for their people. The experience at Entrée was more professional and interactive."


"My recruiter (Penny) is friendly and always offering positive feedback. I appreciate her support."


"Communication was great, everyone was friendly when I arrived, punctual with appointment times. Entrée is much easier, didn't feel like my resume was just put on a pile - Samara was FANTASTIC!"


"Honestly I could not fault the service that Briony Trotter has given me. She has my back all the way and is looking all the time at what roles could suit etc. Goes over and beyond. Nothing compares to what I have received to date by Briony."


"I had a great experience with Ruth - she actually contacted me after I registered, which other recruitment companies did not, was extremely responsive and helpful. In most recent experience for this job search, Entrée have been the most proactive and responsive."


"Really personal service and I felt like you wanted to help. Much more professional and I didn't feel like cattle!"


"I was really impressed at the quick timeframe in which Entrée contacted me, organised testing & interview and had work for me all within the space of a few days.