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Building Careers - Butterfields Services

Building Careers - Butterfields Services

Posted on 12/07/2019 by Breeanna Noske

Butterfields employee

Good recruitment is all about personality and culture fit. Not just finding an applicant who can perform the duties within a role, but finding the candidate who will fit the work ethic, values and culture of an organisation to facilitate long term employment. Senior Consultant Samara Dela Roza knew her client Butterfields Services well enough to know that best fit. So when they requested she recruit a Receptionist/Administrator, preferably with a trades or professional services background, Samara knew she had to convince them to meet Monica. In Samara’s words:

“I met Monica in April of 2013 and was immediately impressed with her ability to think outside the square and her brave approach to taking initiative in all areas of her work including in making process improvement suggestions. I found her to be a clear and articulate communicator with maturity beyond her years. I had hoped to place her in a long term contract role with an energy provider as an Administration Assistant, however at the time she had planned on travel at the end of 2014 and it didn’t work with the company’s needs.

Monica and I kept in contact over the next 7 months in which time she left her role with Flight Centre and took up casual work in retail whilst she searched for her next perfect position.

In December that year, Butterfields engaged me to recruit the permanent position of Receptionist/Administrator and I thought of Monica, with her bright mind and ability to turn about the most challenging situations. I highly respected Butterfield Services for their service delivery focus and the strong leadership of their MD: Shawn. The culture fit was right. I ran a full permanent process and included Monica who was offered the role.

Monica excelled in her role at Butterfields and learned other areas of the business, cross skilling into all the administrative functions. Within a year Monica was ready for her next challenge and, in consultation with the company, entered into a Refrigeration Mechanics apprenticeship. She dedicated herself to her apprenticeship, with the support of Butterfields Services, for the next four years. Monica successfully completed her apprenticeship in March 2019 and was nominated by her TAFE lecturers for the Seeley International Playford Trust Scholarship, which she was awarded in April 2019. Monica already has her Certificate IV underway. As an inspirational woman working in a typically male dominated trade, Monica is now mentoring young apprentices and accepting speaking engagements to encourage women and younger people in general to consider a trade.

Quite obviously it is Monica’s undertakings and hard work that have brought her to the point of personal success and career engagement that she has today. Butterfields Services is the right employer for her, supporting her in all of her endeavours and I have the honour of having brought them together.”

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