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The Leadership Lab

The Leadership Lab

Posted on 11/06/2019 by Entree Recruitment

The Leadership Lab Training Program

The Leadership Lab explores different ideas, broadens perspectives and provides leadership ‘interventions’ designed to make a difference. The program is aimed towards Managers, including Team Leaders, Supervisors, Project Managers, Technical Managers and more.

LinkedIn research shows that 87% of Managers wish they had had more training and support as they took the step into a management role. The Leadership Lab will centre on real life leadership challenges. Each session will introduce a different ‘lens’ with which to think about, approach or respond to leadership challenges.

Grounded in the fact that no two people are alike, and no two leadership challenges are alike, the Leadership Lab will be interactive, exploratory and supported by the experiences and wisdom each participant brings with them.



Introducing Maria Eliadis

Maria is a highly experienced management consultant, facilitator and evaluation practitioner. Maria’s expertise is with interventions to build peoples capacity and confidence to embrace leadership initiatives, working with people to ‘shift’ blocks to change and facilitate learning and personal growth. Maria aims to facilitate people to go beyond their self-imposed constraints and ‘lean into’ their capacity for change.


Six sessions to be held once monthly, commencing on Tuesday the 20th August.

9am - 12pm
Level 5, 81 Flinders Street Adelaide
Investment: $1,895 plus GST


  1. What is Leadership? Making sense of the push and pull of expectations.
  2. What do you really need to do? Stop spinning your wheels and start moving things forward.
  3. What do people have to do with it? Everything! Explore why team work and innovation is not always a match made in heaven.
  4. It's all about you! Broaden your awareness of you - you make the difference!
  5. Just when you thought everything was going right, a curve ball hits you! Don't give in to doubts. You can take back control.
  6. The art of your leadership and other masterpieces uncovered!

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