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Video advertising pioneers - Shaw + Smith

Video advertising pioneers - Shaw + Smith

Posted on 1/06/2019 by Breeanna Noske

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Shaw + Smith have long been a loyal client of Entrée Recruitment. It came as no surprise that Shaw + Smith were true advocates of Entrée Recruitment video job advertisements upon their creation and initiation in 2018.

Shaw + Smith’s Financial Accountant role in June 2018 was the first Entrée Recruitment position to be promoted utilising a bespoke, on-site video.

CFO Grant Lovelock states: “On the day it was quite professional. The process involved Entrée staff coming to the site. It probably took them half an hour to take vision for an up to 3 minute video presentation. … The video presentation was a collaborative process between Entrée and ourselves. Entrée did a fantastic job to show in a short time in the video presentation broad aspects of our roles and also the environment that we work in.”

This first video (both a first for Entrée Recruitment and for Shaw + Smith) reached approximately 6,000 Facebook users. And since then, the four positions recruited by Entrée Recruitment for Shaw + Smith were recruited utilising a bespoke video job advertisement.

Videos are shared 1,200 percent more than links and text posts combined. Thus, utilising video advertisements and promoting them on social media platforms means, as the video is shared, that passive job seekers are more likely to see and learn about vacancies as opposed to if only a text post was presented. The perfect candidate for a position may not be actively searching job boards for opportunities. They may not even be looking for work, but by seeing a friend share a video on Facebook and seeing an organisation’s beautiful offices and collaborative, engaging team displayed, they may feel moved to learn more about a role.

“Of the last 4 appointments we’ve made, at least 2 people have come to us through the video process and we see that as an advantageous part of the recruitment process” Grant Lovelock says. “The benefit is that it gives a prospective employee a good opportunity to see what the office environment is like and what the office outlook is like, which can be attractive to a person who hasn’t visited the site before.”

Shaw + Smith trusted in Entrée Recruitment and acted as pioneers to our idea for video job advertisements, a service which is now widely used and sees 75% of Entrée Recruitment retained roles recruited using bespoke video job advertisement.

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