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Five ways temporary staff can help your business

Five ways temporary staff can help your business

Posted on 29/05/2019 by Renae Sullivan

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Having previously worked in management roles within a variety of businesses, I’ve seen the stress that can occur when you don’t have adequate staffing.

Then I discovered a lifeline - temporary staff (commonly referred to as “temps”).

There is a temp for virtually every need. They will step in at short notice, hit the ground running and keep your business running optimally. Have a read below about what a temp can do for you.​


1.      Cover permanent staff absence

Permanent staff need time off from work. They might need to take leave, whether it be short term for a sickness, or longer term for an overseas holiday or maternity leave. We see people engaging temps for periods of 1 day to 12 months.

This means you don’t need to survive without a Receptionist, delay payment processing due to lack of an Accounts Officer, prevent your Accountant taking leave during Budget time, or have marketing initiatives drop off when your Marketing Manager goes on holiday.

2.      Manage seasonal fluctuations

Your business may be busier during a particular time. Or maybe it’s unpredictable.

Hiring a temp gives you the flexibility to respond to market needs and demands during busy times and easily reduce staff hours and wages in slow periods. We often have clients requesting temps to start that same day – and we are happy to help.

3.      Save costs

For your short term needs, you can avoid the long and often costly recruitment process by engaging temporary staff from an agency. This is because you don’t need to advertise the position, interview candidates, or perform any of the other recruitment tasks necessary to find suitably qualified staff. Instead an agency like Entrée Recruitment will have completed the recruitment process for you.

4.      Quick access to specialist skills

Have you ever needed specialist skills for a one off project? You can hire a temporary staff member without having to employ them for the long term.

Some temps have a very specific skillset and regularly temp so they can work on niche projects. This is a great way to access a unique skillset that can help drive your business forward.

We’ve seen temps hired to assist with business analyses, marketing strategy, event coordination, and customer journey mapping – just to name a few.

5.      Test out a new role

Employing a new staff member on a permanent basis is a big decision. Perhaps you’re not sure yet if you will have a full time workload, or if you’ll definitely need a new staff member after a busy period slows down.

Temporary staffing is a great way to test out a new role and fully understand your requirements. If the temporary worker turns out to be the right fit your business, you can also offer them permanent employment down the track.


If you have never heard of temps before this article, I hope you now feel some comfort that help at short notice is just a short phone call or email away.

If you need help finding a temp in Adelaide, please feel free to call me on (08) 8100 8877.