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Temp of the Quarter (January - March 2019)

Temp of the Quarter (January - March 2019)

Posted on 9/04/2019 by Entree Recruitment

Temp of the Quarter

Each quarter we reward temporary staff who have excelled within their temporary positions, shown high level dedication and committment and represented the Entrée brand to an outstanding standard.

With a relationship spanning over 10 years, Tammy has been both a client and candidate of Entrée Recruitment and has completed over 7 temporary assignments. Clients have been known to extend assignments, beg and plead for her to stay on a permanent capacity and shower her with gifts, flowers and food to show their appreciation for her hard work. Tammy approaches each assignment with enthusiasm, excitement and 100% commitment, making her a clear stand out for the Entrée Recruitment Temp of the quarter.

Thank you, Tammy, for your continued hard work and reliability. We love having you represent Entrée Recruitment!

Tammy was rewarded for her efforts this quarter with a visit from her Entrée Consultant Rebecca Ramsden last week at the site of her current temporary placement.