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How to keep the magic in your workplace and personal life

How to keep the magic in your workplace and personal life

Posted on 12/04/2019 by Tiffany Boin

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It’s really important for us to feel happy, confident and successful in the workplace and in our personal life.

As business owners, principles, managers, office professionals, team members we place considerable pressure on ourselves to succeed. We want to put the best of ourselves forward to get the results.

In times when we hit our lows, either targets not being hit, upsets within the office, misunderstandings externally, we can find it challenging to put on a bright smile.

In these instances, we can either allow self criticism and doubt cloud our thoughts or step up and own the situation, be accountable to ourselves and our actions and not allow bad feelings lurk within us and grow. It’s up to you to chose the state you want to be in. You had a bad day - we all have them. It doesn’t make you feel great - so change.

We are human, we are not infallible - we all make mistakes. That’s where lessons are learnt and personal & professional growth transformation can occur. It’s up to you as to what you do next. Beat yourself up and feel miserable and angry not only to yourself but everyone around you or use the situation to grow and learn.

Three suggestions to get through this:-

1. Feedback

Ask for feedback from those around you. How could I have done that better. Feedback can help put the situation back into perspective. You may have blown it up to something which in reality is not really there. Feedback will also assist talking through the problem and offer alternatives if it happened again. Learn and grow productively from the situation.

2. Fact or Fiction

Do not let the destructive self talk take over your thoughts. Dissect what is true (factual) and therefore helpful or what is a fable (fiction) which has no place in finding the solution.

3. Accountable

Be accountable for your actions. Face the truth, own what you did, respond promptly with a mature response. Learn, grow. That is now in the past, don’t repeat the mistake, right now is a new moment to make good.

The only person you can change is yourself. Look at what you need to change.

Everyone has their own amazing strengths. Focus on what you can bring productively to yourself, your workplace and those around you. Keep pushing forward and learn every day. Keep bringing your wonderful magic with you at every moment and remember we are all human, there are off times, don’t fester on it. Make this new moment brilliant. Only you can!

Be your magical self.