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Beyond the CV

Beyond the CV

Posted on 26/04/2019 by Breeanna Noske

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FACT: 71% of Entrée Recruitment internal employees were employed into the business without having worked in the recruitment industry prior. And while the 29% of staff who DID have experience within recruitment have proved extremely capable and competent within their roles, SO HAVE THE 71%.


As Recruiters, we aim to provide a service to our clients that they cannot themselves perform. Whether this be due to certain platform or software access, time or resource restraints, a candidate database, or “know-how”. And we believe that part of our “know-how” is reading beyond the CV. We can match the right person to the right role.


As discussed in last month’s blog, we don’t believe in Applicant Tracking Systems or utilising Artificial Intelligence to search CVs for keywords when recruiting roles. We don’t believe that the most effective way to recruit a role is to look for specific job titles within an applicant’s employment history, or to match like duties between a CV and a job description. We look beyond a CV to an applicant’s personality, career goals, interests, skills, education, and demeanour. Will they perform within your vacant role? And just as importantly, will they perform within your organisation?


One disadvantage of recruiting too literally (that is, seeking too specific a job title or past experience) is that you may end up engaging an employee who, whilst capable of performing the role, is not the right match for your organisation. Culture fit, like values and personality traits are JUST as essential to assess as hard skills.


The other disadvantage? Missing out on the best person for your role because their experience might be outside of that you are seeking. So we return to our fact: Only 29% of Entrée Recruitment internal staff members had experience in recruitment prior to their engagement at Entrée. And within our Consulting team? Only 33% had worked as Recruiters prior to employment at Entrée.


Fortunately, our Senior Consultants and General Manager have the opportunity to meet with job seekers daily, nabbing great candidates for our own team. And there have been instances where an applicant with no experience within the recruitment industry has obtained a Recruiting role at Entrée over applicants with recruitment experience. We identify TRANSFERABLE SKILLS within applicants who might match our ethos, our values, our methods and our team culture.


Briony Trotter, recently appointed Entrée Recruitment Senior Consultant, registered with Entrée Recruitment General Manager Megan Nicholson as a job-seeker. And with a career working in Marketing within both the Sporting and Secondary Education industries, she divulged to Megan that she was seeking a change. Megan, through deep diving, discovered that Briony was a self-professed ‘people person’. And with a side interest in life coaching, Briony was passionate about transforming people and careers. Megan floated the idea of a career in recruitment to Briony, and the rest is history!


Senior Consultant Joanna Slaven too registered with Entrée Recruitment as a job seeker, not knowing what her next career move would be after having a baby. Jo had worked in sales positions within the radio industry previously, and it was this account management exposure along with her honest, down-to-earth nature that raised the idea in Entrée’s General Manager’s mind. Jo returned home after her registration appointment claiming to her partner “I think they’ve offered me a job!”. And it was lucky the General Manager did make this connection, as twelve years later Jo is a valued and highly successful member of our Consulting team.


In seeking out transferable skills, along with value and culture fits, Entrée Recruitment have built a high performing team. And we aim to do this for our clients as well. By getting to know your office, your staff, your culture, your ethos and your values, we can source the best candidate for your role that may have been otherwise overlooked. We can read beyond the CV.