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Agency Educators – Making Every Day Extraordinary

Agency Educators – Making Every Day Extraordinary

Posted on 7/11/2018 by Penny Debrowski

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There is a misguided perception within our industry that working as a relief Childhood Educator through an agency is challenging. This type of work can be incorrectly viewed as daunting due to working in unfamiliar centres with unfamiliar children and families. And often at only a short hours notice! However, the benefits of working for an agency far outweigh these perceived “challenges”, and for those Educators that dare to challenge themselves, there can be great rewards.

One of the benefits of working for an agency is exposure to the various types of centres on offer. This variety can make for an incredible learning opportunity. Being exposed to different centres helps individual growth as an Educator and allows you to gain valuable skills such as being more flexible with different children, learning new routines, and adaptability to change.

Agency Educators have the benefit of a new working environment every week, which is perfect for people who are seeking a change or enjoy variety in their everyday life. By working with many different centres our Educators get to involve themselves with all the fun parts of being an Educator, meaning more time to do what they love: nurturing children.

Working as an agency Educator allows you to meet a range of other Educators and Directors, exposing you to new ideas, new people and helping you gain valuable networking skills. These new relationships can open up new opportunities for our Educators as well as potential new friends.

What’s best of all is that agency Educators make a difference! Usually coming into a centre last minute, these Educators literally save the day when the staff-to-children ratio is low, or when permanent Educators may be under pressure and need support. Agency Educators are crucial to the operations of a centre and are a temporary, but important, part of the team.  

Not all heroes wear capes and agency Educators rise to the challenge of casual work day after day. If the idea of being a superhero appeals to you, or you’d like to have one of our superheroes do some work for you, please contact our Childhood Education specialist Penny Debrowski on 08 8100 8876 or