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Entree's Foodbank experience

Entree's Foodbank experience

Posted on 30/05/2018 by Entree Recruitment

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This month, Entrée Recruitment partnered with Foodbank SA to provide food relief for over 100,000 South Australians. 

After donating the results of our food drive, Entrée spent a morning volunteering at Foodbank SA’s warehouse. Carol, Julie, Sienna and our General Manger, Megan, donned high-vis vests, rolled up their sleeves, and set to work packing ‘Every Day’ hampers. 
The hampers are designed for couples or singles, and packed with enough items to last a week. Items such as coffee, tea, sugar, canned fruit and biscuits are included.

The team learns how it's done

Foodbank SA’s warehouse is stocked floor to ceiling with food — rows and rows of non-perishable items, as well as a huge cool room for the perishable ones. Yet it was the ‘Food Hub’ which caught our attention. A mini supermarket for those experiencing food insecurity. With vouchers from local charities, customers can purchase food items at a reduced rate.
Then there's the recipe bags... For one low price you get a bag with all ingredients for a staple meal such as Spaghetti Bolognese or Chilli Con Carne. Included in the bag is a step-by-step recipe card with photos for the customers to follow. 

Ironically, Sienna is giving the job of packing Siena tomatoes!

Over the course of the morning the Entrée team packed 4 pallets of hampers, and loved every minute of it. The team at Foodbank SA — many of them volunteers — are a passionate and happy bunch who are a pure example of what it means to be charitable.

And... so production begins

If you would like to learn more about Foodbank SA, head to their website: