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'But why?' is no longer so annoying

'But why?' is no longer so annoying

Posted on 2/05/2018 by Entree Recruitment

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It’s the word which probably annoys care-givers and parents the most. The constant, never-ending question of ‘but why?’

Yes, your child’s mind is a sponge, but do they really need to know the answer to every. Little. Thing?

You are probably thinking — why is my kid so annoying?

Well, guess what? The likelihood is they are not asking inane questions to annoy you, they are doing it because they are smart.

A recent study has found curious children are better able to grasp basic maths and reading. As it turns out, there’s a purpose the incessant ‘but why?’ questions. 

Which is good to know. They’re not trying to annoy you. They’re just smart.


For full details on the study, click here.