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Mildly amusing anecdotes from 2017!

Mildly amusing anecdotes from 2017!

Posted on 18/12/2017 by Laura Harvey

Entree Recruitment Employees

As a year comes to an end, it’s time for reflection, a time to revel in achievements, overcome disappointments and review goals for the future.

This year at Entrée has been a big one! We had our most successful financial year; we built our team with new staff members and moved offices. In review, 2017 has been a good year! As a team, we took the time to look at the past year and previous years and reminisced in some of the stories that made us successful, made us laugh and even made us cry.

We thought we would share some of the funny stories with you all and add some Christmas cheer to your day!

The hug

After an interview with a candidate, one of the consultants felt she had such a positive connection with the candidate, that when she walked them out to say goodbye, without thinking, she gave them a big hug!  Luckily the candidate didn’t seem to mind.

Love is in the air

The love was also strong when another Consultant was on the phone with a new client. In a sleep deprived state the auto pilot kicked in and she ended the phone call saying ‘bye, I love you’! That’s one way to make a lasting first impression.

Bubble gum shoes

One of our consultants had a client visit with a highly corporate client. When she drove to their site, she realised she was wearing the wrong shoes (sandals wouldn’t cut it at this site). She looked around her car in desperation and found a pair of high heels she was due to take to the opportunity shop as they were too big for her. In true MacGyver style she thought, I can make this work! With a bit of bubble gum and creative thinking, she managed to stick the shoes to her heels and almost walk like they were perfectly normal shoes!  As they say, if the shoe fits wear it, or in this case, make the shoe fit you.  

Dirty dress

After a consultant dropped off some dry cleaning, our Receptionist received a phone call advising that one of the dresses could not be cleaned without potential damage, the Receptionist said that was fine and to just clean the other items and that she would pass on the message. A few days later once the dry cleaning had been collected and the consultant was wearing the very dress that could not be cleaned, she stated in open plan “I only just got this dress cleaned and look at it, there’s marks all over it”! It was at that very moment that the Receptionist realised that she never relayed the message to her. Whoops!!

Where’s Ruth?

Our team car pooled to get to a team building event (Bubble Soccer) in the city. We had five people in one car and when we got to the event, we ‘all’ got out of the car, chatting and excited about the event ahead. Everyone started to walk away when they looked back to notice our newest staff member, Ruth, stuck in the back of the car, locked in and desperately knocking on the window trying to get our attention. I must admit, we laughed a lot before letting her out! How could we forget her?!

Very big, very small

Two of our colleagues were walking down Rundle Mall on a lunch break. It just happens to be that one of them is very tall and the other is on the smaller scale. They were enjoying a chat and walk when a man pointed at them and laughed stating very loudly “ha, very big, very small!’ Embarrassed, the colleagues hurried away and once back at the office told us the story.  For days afterwards, this became the joke in the office and we all got a good laugh out of it. Thankfully the two colleagues have a good sense of humour although have never ventured out of the office again together.


Our Office Manager was responding to an email that our General Manager and Lead Consultant had sent her. She had actioned the task they had requested and she was simply responding with the word “done” to let them know the task had been completed. Just as she was about to hit send, she realised what she had actually written was the word “die”!!  Horrified, she quickly deleted and fixed the error. Can you only imagine sending your boss an email like that? Thank goodness that one didn’t go through!

Well it’s over and out for 2017, let’s hope 2018 brings us as many laughs as the past 12 months, which is almost guaranteed when you work with a crazy bunch of recruiters!