Reception Etiquette

Reception Etiquette


Up to 1 Day


This workshop will help participants understand the importance of the Receptionist role within an organisation and how to present and communicate in a professional manner as well as work efficently and effectively to succeed in this vital role. 

Workshop Outline:

Reception Etiquette (phone based)

  • Understanding the importance of the Receptionist role within an organisation
  • First impressions (creating a positive first impression both over the phone and in person)
  • Phone greeting (tone, enthusiasm and spiel)
  • Confidence (demonstrating confidence in your voice and communication)
  • Showing urgency (getting to the point quickly)
  • Listening
  • Asking a client to hold
  • Transferring calls professionally
  • Taking and passing on phone messages (timeframes, expectations, details)
  • Ending a call politely and professionally

Reception Etiquette (face-to-face)

  • Importance of presentation (personal and reception)
  • First impressions (creating a positive first impression face-to-face)
  • Greeting (eye contact, tone, smiling)
  • Juggling phone calls and face-to-face customers
  • Ensuring positive/professional experience
  • Positive body language

Customer Service

  • Understanding service relationships and the Receptionists impact on the overall customer experience
  • Do’s and don’ts in customer service
  • Managing and exceeding customer expectations
  • How to deal with angry/difficult clients
  • Building fast and exceptional rapport
  • Respond to complaints with the right emotions for the situation and maintaining confidence
  • Understanding what factors are contributing to customers difficult behaviours
  • Know the right type of questions to use at the right time to get the information you need to help your customers
  • Review, assess and improve each service interaction

​Number of participants:

Maximum 8