Entree Training & Development Mentoring and Coaching
Entree Training & Development Mentoring and Coaching



We all need a mentor at varying times in our career. We are not always wired into growth mode.

Mentoring can help you get over stumbling blocks and be refreshed and prepared to conquer what is ahead.  A Mentor can guide you when you feel knocked emotionally and physically. Or you may be at the opposite end of the spectrum and charging to go. In that case, a Mentor can keep the energy flow streaming forward in a productive manner. A Mentor can provide a confidential and external opinion and ignite insights, thoughts, and questions to have you pondering and acquiring new breakthroughs.  A mentor assists you through the highs and lows of your career (and everything in between).

Professional mentoring offers you:

  • A strictly confidential relationship
  • Goal setting, timeframes and outcomes
  • Accountability to action discussions
  • Motivation and opens your mind to new ideas, thoughts and plans
  • An honest opinion to assist you to develop and forge ahead

At Entrée Training & Development, we begin your mentoring experience with an open discussion of your needs and expectations to fit you to the best Mentor based on experience, skill, wisdom, and understanding of your needs.  We customise the sessions to work in with you and your work/life balance.

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