Entree Training & Development Facilitators
Entree Training & Development Facilitators



Meet just a few of our expert Facilitators.

Each month we add another of our fantastic Facilitators to our Meet the Facilitator series. Find out about each Facilitator's area of specialisation, their Facilitation style, and a top tip from the depths of their knowledge!

Christina has a strong background in Learning and Development with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. She is passionate about developing people and enhancing the productivity of organisations. Christina likes to make complex sounding concepts simple and brings a creative flair to her training sessions. Her enthusiasm empowers participants to build confidence and find value in her training. 
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Anne is a registered Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Facilitator and previously managed a global media and communications agency. Anne turned to yoga and mindfulness personally to cope with the rigours of business and was so taken with the benefits that she changed her life’s direction. Anne now shares her profound learnings with others who may be treading a similar path of self-doubt, lack of worth and untapped talent and who want to live life with more happiness and less stress.

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Anne, in addition to running workplace workshops, facilitates a session within our Office Professionals Enrichment Program, our Office Professionals Advancement Program, and is running our upcoming Building Emotional Resilience workshop.

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Maria is a highly experienced management consultant, facilitator and evaluation practitioner. Maria’s expertise is with interventions to build peoples capacity and confidence to embrace leadership initiatives, working with people to ‘shift’ blocks to change and facilitate learning and personal growth. Maria aims to facilitate people to go beyond their self-imposed constraints and ‘lean into’ their capacity for change.
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Marissa is a passionate finance and property investment educator, who loves empowering others to improve their financial position and achieve their financial goals. Combining her background in accounting, finance, and law together with her mortgage broking and property investing experience, Marissa is able to help others implement life changing money habits to ensure they keep, save and invest more of their money, build wealth, and more importantly live the life of their dreams.
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Cristie is passionate about holistic health. Her mission is to give others the ability to take control of their own health, happiness, fitness, body and mind. She believes that if you learn to do it for yourself (not for someone else) and you take control of your own self, it really matters, it makes you a better person mentally, spiritually and physically, and it changes you for life. Cristie offers corporate group programmes with both in-house and outdoor sessions. Cristie is also qualified NLP Practitioner which is a great tool for helping her clients change stubborn thought patterns and habits.
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Paolo is an Adelaide based start-up and general management coach. He applies his life experience to a leadership role, adding value to an organisation by guiding and coaching individuals and teams towards the achievement of short, medium and long term goals. He achieves his objectives by applying his knowledge, skills, self-confidence and perseverance to a continuous improvement cycle which motivates and encourages others. He has specialist knowledge teaching public speaking skills internationally, from director level through to frontline personnel.

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Paolo, in addition to running workplace workshops,  is facilitating the second cycle of our Public Speaking Workshop and our upcoming Communication Skills Workshop.

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A highly driven business creative, Nicole builds businesses ‘the smart way’. Experienced based and passionate about marketing, Nicole's approach is cutting edge, vibrant and practical. Nicole unlocks the potential in your brand and in your Industry, from small to medium sized businesses right through to companies and organisations. She places a high value on authenticity, trust, honesty and integrity, and is focused on ensuring your brand is achieving it’s full potential.

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