Entree Training & Development Emotional Intelligence Workshop
Entree Training & Development Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Emotional Intelligence Workshop


Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

09:00 AM to 04:30 PM

A remote public workshop by Entrée Training & Development. 

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been ranked sixth in the World Economic Forum’s list of the top 10 skills that employees will need to possess to thrive in the workplace of the future (2020 & beyond). EQ has been demonstrated to contribute to two thirds of workplace performance, with only one third contributed by technical skills & cognitive ability. It is proven that 90% of top performers have high EQ. This workshop will help you become effective as a high-performer and as a leader in the workplace by improving the way you interact with others.

Offered as a remote learning experience given our current climate.

Imagine if you:

  • Were aware of what triggers you positively and negatively at work, so you were better prepared to handle your impulses and moods
  • Could improve your own emotional state and well-being under stress by holding your ground and acting with absolute poise
  • Knew how to manage difficult people without losing your calm or giving into their demands
  • Knew exactly what to do with emotions when they come up and didn’t let them adversely affect your responses and reactions to others
  • Could foster stronger relationships with the people around you and build a culture of openness and trust that boosts team performance

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is all about and how it is critical to workplace and leadership effectiveness
  • Cultivate self-awareness (understanding what emotions really are, why they exist and what to do with emotional triggers)
  • Improve your interpersonal and leadership skills by learning how to read and respond to other people’s emotions
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries and communicate assertively during difficult conversations
  • Engage in interactive exercises that help you practice critical EQ skills in the room, so that you can leave knowing how to apply them at work

Entree Training & Development Emotional Intelligence Workshop Facilitator Madhu

The Facilitator: Madhu Jeyakumaran

Madhu’s vision is to help high-potential executives navigate their career upwards and step up as leaders. Madhu has close to 10 years of corporate experience working in large multi-national organisations where she leads people transformation projects in the areas of culture transformation, diversity & inclusion, talent management, and leadership development. She authored the book Stride: A Woman’s Guide To An Extraordinary Life, Career and Leadership, holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, and is a certified Behavioural Profiler (Extended DISC), Intelligent Leadership Practitioner and credentialled Meta Dynamics Transformational Coach.

Maximum 8 participants

Investment: $550 + GST

Session includes post-workshop notes, certificate of attendance, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea​.

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