Entree Training & Development Communication Skills Workshop
Entree Training & Development Communication Skills Workshop

Communication Skills Workshop


Communication Skills Workshop

Friday, 8 May 2020

09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

A remote workshop by Entrée Training & Development. 

Honing the ability to competently communicate your ideas will enable you to grow both professionally and personally. What makes a good communicator? What are the nuances of written communication opposed to verbal communication skills? And in addition to being a good communicator, how can you be a good listener? By building upon the key competency of communication, you will better be able to achieve your own strategic objectives and those of your organisation.

Enhance your natural skills and abilities to strengthen your corporate success. This workshop will provide you with the understanding and skills to effectively communicate with stakeholders, clients and team members, both up and down the organisational line. By better understanding your audience, you can tailor your messages and method of delivery to achieve maximum outcomes, whether you are presenting written or verbal ideas or feedback.

Offered as a remote learning experience given our current climate.

Workshop Outline:

  • The process of communication;
  • What makes a great communicator;
  • Encoding;
  • Audience types;
  • Verbal and written communication channels;
  • Decoding and the feedback loop;
  • Active and empathetic listening.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Become a better communicator;
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different communication channels;
  • Know your audience;
  • Convey information and eliminate sources of confusion;
  • Master non-verbal communication;
  • Give appropriate feedback

The Facilitator: Paolo Cardelli

Entrée Training & Development facilitator Paolo Cardelli has worked internationally as a corporate trainer for over 15 years. Paolo draws upon careers in Banking and Property and is chairman of the National Consumer Council for Kidney Health Australia. Paolo possesses specialist knowledge in coaching public speaking skills.

Maximum of 8 participants
Morning tea provided
Investment: $355 + GST



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