Entree Training & Development Building Emotional Resilience Workshop
Entree Training & Development Building Emotional Resilience Workshop

Building Emotional Resilience Workshop - Adelaide


Building Emotional Resilience Workshop - Adelaide

Level 5, 81 Flinders Street Adelaide

Friday, 6 March 2020

09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

A public workshop  by Entrée Training & Development. 

Stress and burnout are directly linked to increasing pace and intensity of work. The ever-changing workplace environment is a direct reflection of increasing complexity and demands faced by businesses globally. An increasing body of evidence suggests emotional resiliency supported by mindfulness practice offers significant benefits to our working lives. It allows us to deepen into the power of presence and expand our mental capacities beyond our habitual point of view. Mindfulness practice offers greater internal spaciousness, clarity and innovation. It assists us to be centred and grounded, even in a demanding, action-orientated role.

Building emotional resilience at work has proven to decrease employee absenteeism, boost creativity and innovation, team building and leadership development. In this half day workshop, participants will be introduced to an assortment of emotional resilience tools and strategies designed for health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn strategies to help de-clutter a busy mind
  • Gain practical tools to boost mental fitness and sustain health & wellbeing
  • Discoverhow multi-tasking is a myth and how attention switching will improve performance and depth of experience
  • Form a stress management toolkit to build resilience and boost wellbeing
  • Learn to manage attention and energy more effectively throughout the day

Workshop Outline:

  • Understanding and managing stress effectively and tips for stress reduction at work
  • Achieving work life balance and managing distractions during the day
  • Moving from a habit-driven perspective to one of attentiveness, clarity and skillful responsiveness
  • Integrating wellness tips into your work and personal life
The Facilitator: Anne Rodgers

Anne is a registered Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Facilitator and previously managed a global media and communications agency. Anne turned to yoga and mindfulness personally to cope with the rigours of business and was so taken with the benefits that she changed her life’s direction. Anne now shares her profound learnings with others who may be treading a similar path of self-doubt, lack of worth and untapped talent and who want to live life with more happiness and less stress.

Maximum of 8 participants
​Investment: $350 + GST

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