Entree Early Years Recruitment Permanent Staff Recruitment
Entree Early Years Recruitment Permanent Staff Recruitment



An Entrée Early Years Recruitment permanent recruitment process will be different to any you have experienced before.

At Entrée Early Years Recruitment, we do not believe in transational recruitment practices. We value personalised, customised, face-to-face service. Our Senior Recruitment Consultant Penelope Debrowski holds almost 10 years experience within the early childhood and childcare sector and possesses industry specific insights. This knowledge assists in her ability to match the right staff with the right centre.

 As a leading recruitment agency with Head Office based in Adelaide, we are experts in the South Australian early childhood and childcare market. We also offer recruitment services to centres within Melbourne/Victoria.

Following an in-person job briefing, the sourcing of appropriate candidates will involve the attraction of applications via bespoke advertising collateral (including a written and video advertisement) and strategic search and headhunting practices. Every single applicant receives a response from Entrée Early Years Recruitment, and all phone and email enquiries are handled in a timely fashion by the Recruiting Consultant providing the best possible service which then best represents your organisation and brand. Following in-depth behaviour-based interviewing and reference checking, you will be presented with a shortlist of reccomended candidates for you to screen and assess. All checks and clearances can be verified and facilitated by Entrée Recruitment, and we keep in contact to ensure the success of your placement throughout the employee's probationary period.

The Entrée Recruitment Advertising Process

In order to source the highest quality applicants for your position, we construct a bespoke advertising campaign utilising written job postings (across SEEK, our own website, LinkedIn, and any other relevant job boards) and video advertisement (shared across our social media platforms).

Why video job advertising?

Video job advertisements encourage a larger number of applications. It is predicted that by 2021, 80% of internet consumption will be video content. Additionally, videos are shared 1,200 percent more than links and text posts combined. So video job advertisements reach a wider audience on social media, including passive job seekers. The perfect candidate for your vacant position might not be actively searching job boards or looking for work at all, but may feel moved to learn more about a role after seeing an engaging video on social media.

Video job advertising also encourages a more engaged applicant. Statistics show that job seekers will spend an average of 55 seconds viewing a text job advertisement but an average of 2 minutes and 54 seconds viewing a video job advertisement. For applicants, video job advertisements provide additional information about a role and an organisation, often humanising a business and bringing emotion and life to a role.

Our video job advertisements are filmed, edited and created inhouse by our Marketing Specialist in consultation with you and your Recruitment Consultant. The process is efficient and non-intrusive. Click here to learn more about the video process. You can view some examples of past video job advertisements below.


We would be delighted to discuss your recruitment needs with you. Request a quote, and find out how we can help you uncover top talent for your organisation.

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